The Real Symbolic Meaning of Russian Nesting Tattoos and Dolls

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When a person goes to Russia, he or she is likely to buy Matryoshka dolls. These figurines are part of the Eastern European culture. They are a set of wooden figures of different sizes placed inside of each other. Children and adults alike play these toys to kill time or teach their kids to distinguish sizes and colors and sort things.

Nowadays, Russian nesting dolls are not just a mere piece of a toy because you can also have them on your body as tattoos. In this post, you will find out the symbolic meaning of Russian nesting tattoos and dolls.

Russian Nesting Doll Tattoos and Their Meaning

The literal meaning of matryoshka is mother. Hence, you can put a matryoshka tattoo on your body to show your love for your mom. However, some Russian nesting doll tattoo designs do not just represent motherhood. They also embody femininity and sisterhood.

Adding roses to the design can epitomize femaleness. It can also symbolize seduction and pride of being a woman. Meanwhile, vibrant, cultured tattoo designs represent sisterhood. But some Russian doll tattoo designs represent industry professions, global leaders, and popular fairytales.

Nesting Doll Symbolism and Meaning

Now that you know the meaning behind different Russian doll tattoo ideas, it is time to talk about the symbolic meaning of the doll itself.

As mentioned earlier, a Russian nesting doll is a wooden toy played by children and adults. Players should figure out how to open the dolls to expose smaller figurines in each barrel without squashing them. The smaller the doll gets, the trickier it is to open.

However, matryoshka dolls are not just a tool for teaching children how to sort out things and learn different colors and sizes because they have a symbolic meaning.

The biggest doll is called mother; hence, the name matryoshka. The smaller dolls, on the other hand, are the seeds.

The biggest doll originally represents a powerful female matriarch who is the primary figure of the Russian family. The little dolls found inside the biggest figurine are its children. Therefore, matryoshka embodies maternity and fertility.

There are other meanings behind this doll in addition to motherhood and fertility. One of these symbols is the representation of Russia. The biggest figurine is Russia, where this toy originates, while the little figures are the people of the country as well as their emotions. In other words, a matryoshka doll is a mother who can host these things.

Matryoshka dolls can also symbolize life. We are the big figurines, and the little toys inside each statuette are our experiences, stories, and relationships. We are a human being with different experiences. The tiny toys inside the doll represent our soul, embodying innocence and the true essence of ourselves.

Nesting Doll Tattoo Ideas

You already have an idea of the symbolic meaning of Russian nesting dolls and tattoos, but do you know where to find inspiration for your ink design?

There are many nesting doll tattoo designs but coming up with the best ink for your body can be tricky. Do these following tips to help you choose the best Russian doll tattoo pattern:

  1. Look at Other Tattoos

One way to get ideas for your doll tattoos is to look at other people’s inks. Looking at other’s tattoos can give you an idea of the design of your babushka tattoo. Be creative with your layout but be sure to consider the designs of other tattoos.

  1. Check Out Pictures, Stickers, Posters, Etc.

Another way to get inspiration is to look at stickers, posters, and pictures. These images can give you the concepts of how your tattoo should look. If you do not have photos or stickers to look at, you can use the Internet. Search for babushka design ideas to gain inspiration on the web.

  1. Consider Monochromatic or Colored Designs

Before going to a tattoo shop, ask yourself whether you want a vibrant or one-colored tattoo. Either way, the Russian nesting doll ink will look good on you.

  1. Be Creative

You still need to use your creative juices when designing your Russian doll ink, even if you get inspiration from others. Remember that your tattoo is more than just an art. It represents the story of your life, which is a symbolic meaning of Russian nesting dolls. Let your imagination run wild so that you can come up with your matryoshka ink.

  1. Remember That Tattoo Will Stay as Long as You Live

A tattoo is a temporary form of art. Though there are tattoo removal services, they can be painful literally and financially.

Select a pattern that you will enjoy for the coming years. Don’t get a tattoo when you are drunk. Otherwise, you will regret it later.

  1. Get a Design That Fits Your Personality

Every person is unique. Hence, you want to get a matryoshka ink design that reflects your personality. There are many designs to choose from, and whether you get the pattern from an existing design or create it yourself, you want your character to show up.

A matryoshka doll is not just a souvenir from Russia. It is a handmade doll and a form of art that embody more than just a female symbol. The true symbolic meaning of this memento is ourselves. It represents our stories, experiences, and emotions.

So, whether you are creating DIY Russian nesting dolls or coming up with tattoo design ideas, make sure that your chosen pattern signifies you.

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