About Us

Здравствуйте! (That’s hello in Russian.) Welcome to nestingdolls.co, your one stop shop for all your nesting doll needs.

Many of you around the world might have been gifted a set of nesting dolls by a friend or family member at one point or another. I was no different and got my first taste of nesting dolls in my early years. My father had just come back from a business trip and during a layover in Moscow found a lovely five-piece set of red nesting dolls. His gift would become my obsession, and everywhere we went that I saw some nesting dolls he would be guilted into buying them for me. By the time I left for college, almost every nook and cranny of my bedroom was filled with the dolls.

A few years later a trip to my parents reintroduced me to my collection, and I brought a few with me back to my house. A few of my friends were interested in them and wanted to know where they could get their own. That’s when the idea of nestingdolls.co first came to me.

I started out finding, ordering and packaging everything myself. The business became something that took up most of my life, but there were enough people who wanted nesting dolls that I could eventually hire a small team to help me run the business. Now we have six people all working on the project, and they each bring the same passion and interest in nesting dolls that 11-year-old me had.

We hope that our passion can become yours, and that some of our products can become the fire behind a nesting doll passion all of your own!

Счастливые покупки!