White Fortune Cat Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces

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Cats are sweet and cuddly creatures — You either believe that or you are under their spell! Any cat lover can relate how it can be both challenging and rewarding to have a furry feline at home. They shed fur during summer, purrs when they're happy, bites when given a belly rub, and best of all, they love chasing laser-pointer lights! It's insane! True to its name, this white wooden fortune cat stackable dolls will bring you the feels and thrills that a real cat can give.

These dolls are a staple in the Russian culture, but the belief in luck originated in China. That's why this set is the brainchild of both cultures. Sounds interesting? Here's another one: these wooden statuettes are made of high-quality wood which is carved by hand and painted with non-toxic acrylic paint up to the last intricate detail. These fortune cat pieces are non-toxic, safe for kids, except for children under three years old. There are tiny pieces in this set which can be choking hazard if accidentally swallowed.

These fortune cat dolls, unless intended to be used as toys for children, should be displayed in an area away from the reach of human elbows, the wagging tails of pets, or playful kids. The tiniest pieces of this set are prone to fall over, especially if the base isn't flat and even. Additionally, ensure that the parts are displayed away from direct sunlight and wipe them with a dry, clean cloth occasionally.

Add a classy touch to your elegant home or office space when you display these nesting dolls on any tabletop, desks, or counters. Throw in some piece of jewelry inside, and it'll make an exceptional jewelry case. Or, you can put office supplies inside and catch your boss' attention! Your imagination is the limit!

Grab yours today and don't forget to share it with your friends and family too! Buy now!

Color Variations of White, Black, Yellow
Material Wood
Recommended For 3 years old and above
Dimensions Largest: 5.71 by 2.95 inches
Smallest: 1.38 by 0.79 inch
Design and Style 5 pieces wooden dolls hand-painted with a cat’s features