Wedding Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 7 Pieces

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Weddings are special occasions that happen only once in a lifetime. Being so, every aspect of the event must be special. Decorations are especially important to consider. Apart from that, guests must also get the special couple a nice gift. Fortunately, the Wedding Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 7 Pieces was made to perfectly suit matrimonial ceremonies. It can get utilized as a display piece or may also be given as a gift.

The red and gold color of the dolls represent love and prosperity. If they’re given to the couple, the set will bring them good fortune. As such, they make an ideal present. You can also grab this set to add to your collection. After all, the dolls boast a beautiful design that anyone can appreciate. Even children would enjoy them as they’re very cute and can be played with. Nevertheless, it would be wise to keep the matryoshkas away from kids below 3 years of age as the smaller pieces may choke them.

Unlike the majority of Russian dolls, this one isn’t made out of wood. Instead, PVC was used to create it. Regardless, one should still avoid getting them wet as moisture can damage their painted design. Certain household cleaners can be used to clean the set. Even so, simply wiping it with a soft piece of cloth is undoubtedly the most foolproof way to keep them pristine. As PVC is different from wood, exposing the dolls to sudden changes in temperature is possible. However, storing them in a warm area is probably for the best.

Although this particular set of matryoshka dolls wasn’t made in the traditional manner, it’s still a good buy. The elaborate design makes it the perfect piece for those who are fond of dolls of this sort. Moreover, those same qualities make them the perfect wedding gift or display piece!

Color Red, Gold, Flesh, White, Blue
Materials PVC
Recommended for 3 years old and above
Dimensions in inches 7.87 inches largest
Design and Style Wedding-themed 7 piece set of red and gold matryoshka dolls


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