Red Wooden Matryoshka Dolls 10 Pieces

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We’ve all been there. You meet a lovely person, and you like them well enough, but you’re not exactly sure what they want when it comes to birthday presents. Or perhaps, you’ve known a dear friend for years, and you’ve exchanged gifts with them countless of times you no longer know what else they’d want. How about kids who are always bored even with their faces buried deep in their mobile devices?

Check out our Red Wooden Matryoshka Dolls 10 Piece set, a versatile toy slash home ornament that will be sure to please a lot of people in your life, kids and adults alike. Meticulously hand-painted in vibrant red and gold colors to depict a smiling woman with the most gorgeous eyes, these Russian matryoshkas or Babushka dolls will captivate the attention of kids three years old and above. They can use it for counting numbers, identifying colors, stacking shapes, and even telling bedtime stories.

Got dear friends who enjoy filling their homes with colorful trinkets that double as beautiful candle holders, jewelry boxes and lovely conversation starters? Buy this Red Wooden Matryoshka Dolls 10 Piece set for them and watch their faces light up in utter delight. The tallest doll in this collection measures about 6” and all nine smaller ones can be displayed alongside it to lend Russia’s old-world elegance to an otherwise plain and boring mantle top.

Where else can you find an affordable gift that’s not only a sight to behold but also affordable and versatile? You simply can’t go wrong with this lovely This Red Wooden Matryoshka Dolls 10 Piece set. Whether they’re for a new mom who just gave birth to a darling little one or for a client’s wife who adores collecting stuff steeped in culture and tradition, these charming little figurines will make the perfect and most thoughtful present.

Color Red and Gold
Materials Wood
Recommended for 3 Years Old and Above
Dimensions in inches height of tallest doll = 5.9
Design and Style Traditional Russian woman with floral pattern

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