Red and White Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 7 Pieces

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Russian culture is often projected to be very masculine. However, that notion is not entirely true as this set of Matryoshka dolls epitomizes what femininity is. Its adorable features which most people will appreciate makes it an excellent conversation piece for you and your visitors. Additionally, that same quality also makes it a perfect addition to anyone who collects Matryoshka dolls as a hobby.

The paint job of this product has some oriental influences. In that aspect, it is unique when compared to other dolls of its kind. Nevertheless, the set still proudly showcases Russian culture in its design. With the largest doll being 7.8 inches tall, one may place it anywhere. Like traditional matryoshkas, this one is smooth as it’s made of wood. Despite that, it isn’t flimsy and can get dropped without getting broken.

Cleaning each doll in this Red and White Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 7 Pieces is a breeze. Simply wipe it with a soft piece of cotton and it will look brand new. Avoid using any cleaning products on it as they can cause the design to fade. In addition to that, never store the dolls in a place where it’s too wet or hot. Damp surface and temperature can affect the wooden material of the product. This can damage the dolls beyond repair.

Anyone is sure to enjoy having this set of Russian dolls. Just the mere sight of them brings cheer and positivity to one’s mind. As such, they make for a perfect gift to give on all sorts of occasions. To add to that, you can give the dolls to people of all ages. Whoever receives it will certainly appreciate it! Add this to your cart now!

Color Red, White, Pink, Gold
Materials Wood
Recommended for 3 years old and above
Dimensions in inches Largest Doll: 7.8 inches (height)
Design and Style 7-piece set of red Russian dolls with feminine design


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