Pink Butterfly Matryoshka Doll 10 Pieces

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Butterflies are the most beautiful and appealing flying insects in the animal kingdom. They have large four-scaled wings that possess spectacular and vibrant colors that look pleasing to the eyes. The wings of the butterfly is an artwork by itself because of the combination of pretty colors and patterns. If you love and appreciate this entrancing member of the insect family, then you will surely love our Pink Butterfly Matryoshka Doll 10 Pieces Set!

Get your hands on our Pink Butterfly Matryoshka Doll 10 Pieces Set made from high-quality basswood. This type of wood makes these Matryoshka dolls sturdy and durable it can beautify your room for a long time. We have artists who work on each piece so that your toy set is uniquely made every time.

Our Pink Butterfly Matryoshka Doll Set consists of ten pieces of dolls that are stacked one on top of the other with the biggest doll at the outermost part. This Matryoshka doll set has a rounded central belly which is uncommon to Matryoshka dolls. Every doll is hand-painted with intricate details such as the lady’s white veiled top and a pink bottom half painted with white butterflies and red flowers. The biggest doll has a height of 5.71 inches, a perfect size to keep all the smaller nine pieces from the set.

There is always an element of surprise when you play with this toy that will bring delight and amazement to the eyes of a child or even an adult! Record a video using your camera phone and show it to your daughter or niece, and see their faces’ reaction light up with wonder. Plus, if you take extra care of this doll set, this can even be passed as an excellent heirloom to your child or grandchildren. Just make sure to dust this toy set now and then with a slightly damp cloth to protect and maintain its vibrant colors.

Show your friends and family that you adore butterflies by ordering our Pink Butterfly Matryoshka Doll 10 Pieces today!

Color Pink, White, Yellow, Red
Materials Basswood
Recommended for 5 years old and above
Dimensions in inches Largest Doll: 5.71 inches (Length)
Design and Style 10 pieces wooden dolls hand-painted with a girl’s face and features with intricate details


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