Orange Wooden Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces

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Ordinarily, a Matryoshka doll is painted by hand to look like a female Russian commoner known as "babushka." This stackable wooden set has become a staple to the Russian culture and even became popular to entire Eastern Europe over time. The Russian nesting doll is a representation of the Russian babushka, a respected matriarch figure, and a pivotal symbol in the Russian culture.

Today, these statuettes are now available in many shapes and designs. For instance, there are now animal-inspired, cartoon characters, superheroes, and a lot more! They are delicately crafted to look like Russian babushkas bearing harvested fruits that are painted in bright orange and other colors. These colors represent prosperity, joy, and victory. They'd also make an excellent container for little things like a piece of jewelry, candies, office supplies, and many more.

Apart from the many uses of these stackable figurines, the matryoshka nesting doll is a suitable educational toy for little kids. However, we do not recommend this set of toys to children under three years old since this collection includes tiny pieces that are choking hazard if swallowed. Alternatively, this wooden set also makes a fantastic home decor. Countless people have posted photos on social media, showing display ideas for you to put these nesting dolls. Why don't you try it and share it with us too? We'd be happy to follow your nesting doll journey!

The largest doll in this five-piece set measures 5.12 inches in length and 2.56 inches in diameter. To maintain these toys' natural aesthetic and vibrant colors, wipe them occasionally with a clean and dry microfiber cloth to remove collected dust. Never wash them and avoid getting them wet. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight or areas with fluctuating temperature and humidity.

Lastly, they make an excellent gift for close friends and family members during anniversaries, Christmas, and birthdays! So, order now and share your nesting dolls journey with us!

Color Variations of Orange, Yellow, Red, Black, White, Green
Material Wood
Recommended For Children above 3 years old and Adults
Dimensions Largest: 5.12 x 2.56 inches
Design and Style 1 set of 5-piece matryoshka dolls, aesthetically pleasing, vibrant, expertly handcrafted, and intricately painted


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