Hand-painted Animals Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces

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What an exciting time to be alive! Gone are the days of traditional Russian nesting dolls because these wooden toys now come in original designs, forms, and shapes! The Hand-painted Animals Matryoshka Nesting Dolls are not your ordinary toys! This set has been carefully crafted by hand, which showcases fine animal details as you've never seen before! This set of five wooden doll includes one larger animal figure and four smaller nesting dolls inside each other.

If you have a thing for collecting animal souvenirs and figurines, then the Hand-painted Animals Matryoshka Nesting Dolls would make a great addition to your repertoire! These nesting dolls are one of the best-selling designs in the market. Each figure is vibrantly painted with animal designs, such as deer, elks, chickens, owls, and bears. At the same time, the elk variant has detachable antlers that adds a fun touch to the set.

This five-piece set has the following measurements: 5.31x2.56, 3.94x1.77, 2.76x1.26, 1.87x1.10, and 1.38x0.39 inches, respectively. This wooden set is a star for any occasion whether you give it as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and more! You'll be surprised that a lot of people use them as house decoration. They'd look great on a coffee table, beside a lamp, on top of kitchen counters, or anywhere you like! Other people even use them as a container for candies, jewelry, and a lot more. The practical uses are endless!

Maintaining the cleanliness of this wooden set is barely needed, just wipe the toys with a soft cloth occasionally so they won't collect dust and dirt over time. At the same time, never attempt to wash them to preserve the wood and its paint. Store in a place away from wet areas or direct sunlight. Do not give it to toddlers due to small parts. What are you waiting for? Order this set and begin your animal nesting doll collection!

Color Multi-colored
Material Wood
Recommended For 3 years old and above
Dimensions 1. 5.31 inches by 2.56 inches
2. 3.94 inches by 1.77 inches
3. 2.76 inches by 1.26 inches
4. 1.87 inches by 1.10 inches
5. 1.38 inches by 0.39 inch
Design and Style Five-piece animal-inspired Russian nesting dolls design