Brown Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 10 Pieces

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A trip to Russia can be rather expensive for most. Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the country without even going there. How so? By getting your hands on these authentically designed Brown Matryoshka Doll which consist of 10 beautifully handcrafted pieces. It’s guaranteed to spice up the atmosphere of your living space and to add a touch of Russian culture to it. The intricate design of this product makes up for its lack of colors when compared with traditional Matryoshka dolls.

Beneath the face of the larger dolls is an image of an Orthodox church which is commonly found across Russia. The material used to make each one of them is smooth and durable. As such, it can last for ages if given the proper amount of care. The largest piece measures 7.8 inches tall and can be placed almost anywhere.

And because this item is hand-painted, it shouldn’t be cleaned using chemicals. Instead, all that’s needed is to regularly wipe the dolls using a clean cloth. Never allow any piece of the set to get wet as moisture can damage the wood from which they’re made of. Moreover, the dolls must be kept in a place with a consistent temperature.

Children will appreciate this item when given to them as a gift. Nevertheless, even adults are sure to love it as the product’s cute design is certain to lift their spirits. With that said, collectors that do not have this set yet must acquire it. Not doing so means that they shall be missing out on owning such an exquisite piece. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and get your hands on this set as soon as possible!

Color Brown, Light Brown, Maroon, Gold
Materials Wood
Recommended for 8 years old and above
Dimensions in inches Largest Piece: 7.8 inches x 3.8 inches
Design and Style Set of 10 wooden nesting dolls intricately painted and crafted with traditional Russian design


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