Black and Red Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces

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Christmas is the season of giving and spending quality time with your loved ones. Unfortunately, the days leading up to it can be quite hectic. After all, it always isn’t easy to find the perfect gift. With that being said, why not get this amazingly crafted 5-piece set of matryoshka nesting dolls? It is certain to bring some cheer to anyone who is lucky enough to receive them.

The contrasting black and red colors which this product boasts makes it easily stand out. In fact, people won’t even notice the small size of the largest piece at 6.5 inches due to that. Moreover, its smooth wooden material almost ensures that it shan’t break when dropped. As such, it makes for a perfect children’s toy. However, even adults can find a liking to the dolls thanks to their aesthetically pleasing design. Of course, that comes as no surprise as they were handmade by expert craftsmen.

As each doll in the set is made out of wood, it would be a good idea to keep them away from fireplaces, candles, or anything that emits an active flame. When it comes to cleaning, all that’s necessary is a clean piece of white cloth. Never expose the set to extreme temperatures as they can alter their shape. Additionally, refrain from using traditional cleaning products made from chemicals on them as they tend to ruin the painted design.

Besides giving this wonderful set to people as a gift, why not get it for yourself? It can make a beautiful addition to the set of decorations in your home. In addition, getting the dolls is an absolute must if you collect matryoshkas. So, don’t have any second thoughts and get your hands on these beautiful works of art as soon as you can!

Color Black, Red, Gold, Flesh, Green, Pink
Materials Wood
Recommended for Children 3 years old and above
Dimensions in inches Largest Piece: 6.5 inches x 2.76 inches
Design and Style 1 set of 5 pieces Nativity-inspired Matryoshka dolls, intricately designed features painted for each doll



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