Blue Floral Wooden Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 10 Pieces

  • $38.99

Spice up your lonely room because we know it could use a touch of joy and a drizzle of excitement! Check out the seven-piece Blue Floral Russian Nesting Dolls and see how they can fit the dull space in your room and fill it with radiating tone and positive ambiance.

These "Matryoshka" or Russian nesting dolls are a set of wooden figurines in decreasing sizes. Each stacking doll opens by splitting it in the midsection to reveal a smaller figurine nested inside. This manner of revealing smaller dolls signifies motherhood, fertility, and birth.

These Matryoshka dolls are meticulously carved by hand. Each one of them is unique, and none of the pieces are the same. These statuettes are made of very high-quality basswood, which is known for its durability and can last a lifetime when properly maintained.

The biggest doll in this set measures 5.91 inches tall and a diameter of 3.94 inches while the smallest piece is about 0.47 inch in length and 0.51 inch in width. The set is painted navy blue decorated with intricate details in white to depict a beautiful Sarafan, which is traditional clothing to the Russian culture. Artistic craftsmen spent sleepless hours in hand-painting each figurine to ensure they'd look classy and luxurious.

When this set of dolls are unstacked and displayed separately, you can utilize them to store small objects like a piece of jewelry and keys, among others. If you intend to buy them as a present, you're up for a treat, because we guarantee that this set can turn a frown upside-down to whoever you'll give it to. However, we do not recommend giving it to children under three years old. There are tiny pieces in this set that could potentially harm them if swallowed.

Go ahead and add this to your cart now! You can never go wrong with this set of toys!

Color Blue and White
Material Wood
Recommended For 3 years old and above
Dimensions Largest doll: 5.91 inches by 3.94 inches
Smallest: 0.47 inch by 0.51 inch
Design and Style 10 pieces of wooden dolls, hand-painted and crafted beautifully with a girl’s face and features in it


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