Painted Wooden Matryoshka Dolls 5 Pieces

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These Painted Wooden Matryoshka Dolls 5 Pieces are traditional Russian Nesting Dolls. The design shows Russia's history and artistry.
Buy this majestic set of nested dolls and give it to your loved ones and friends who like collecting these items. You may also use this beautiful collection as additional décor to your home or a container where you can keep your precious jewels.
Have yourself a part of Russian culture and enjoy these nesting dolls!
Color Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Gold, White
Materials Wood
Recommended for > 3 years and up
Dimensions in cm

Diameter: 7 cm, 6 cm, 4.5 cm,  3.5 cm, 2.3 cm

Height: 16 cm, 13.5 cm,11.5 cm. 9 cm, 6.5 cm

Design and Style 5 pieces of wooden dolls hand painted with intricate details of a girl’s face and features


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