Multi Colored Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 6 Pieces

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Finally, a set of babushka dolls that are just too cute to leave without noticing! Because this time you're up for a treat with this multi-colored set of nesting dolls. And instead of wandering around different stores looking for an appropriate gift for your close friend or a family member, this little toy set is ready to be held and pampered by you, and is super available for nesting in your arms or lap!

Besides, Matryoshka originated from the Latin root word "Mater," which means "Mother." These traditional stackable babushka figurines symbolize motherhood, family, and fertility. Having a close family bond is pivotal to Russian culture. That's why these set of toys are popular for any occasion at any time of the year.

This wooden toy set consists of six pieces in decreasing sizes, and every single piece fit inside a bigger figurine. These toys split in half where a smaller doll is revealed inside. All parts are made of high-quality basswood and take the conventional babushka form. They are carefully painted by hand to look like a beautiful Russian woman dressed in "Sarafan," which is a traditional luxurious Russian clothing. It is noticeable that the head of each statuette is covered to depict Russia's cold climate.

The largest nesting doll in this set measures 5.71 inches in height and 2.95 inches in diameter. The Russian nesting dolls are extremely popular, and they are now taking the market by storm. However, we don't recommend this toy set to children below three years old since there are tiny pieces that are choking hazard if swallowed.

Maintain this set of toys by wiping them occasionally using a dry and clean cloth so they won't accumulate dust and dirt when not in use. Avoid washing to protect their delicate paint and store in a dry area away from direct sunlight and fluctuating humidity. So, order now and start your very own nesting doll collection!

Color White, Blue, Violet, Green, Red
Material Wood
Recommended For 3 years old and above
Dimensions Largest: 5.71 x 2.95 inches
Design and Style 4 variants of 6-piece Matryoshka dolls, aesthetically pleasing, expertly crafted, intricately hand painted


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