Large Blank Paintable Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 6 Pieces

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Have you been looking for ways on how you can express yourself in an artistic and creative way? Is drawing on a two-dimensional paper not enough for you? Then perhaps, painting a three-dimensional object, like a doll, is the hobby you've been looking for. Check our Large Blank Paintable Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 6 Pieces and see how it can bring your imagination into life!

Life can be bland and repetitive; hence, the expression "Everybody needs a hobby", a hobby can bring balance to the flavor of your life. Though binge-watching movies or TV series can be an excellent way to spend your days off, why not spend them on creating something you can call your own. Our Large Blank Paintable Matryoshka Nesting Dolls 6 Pieces gives you the freedom to design and to express your thoughts. Made of premium quality wood, these are handcrafted and polished to smooth perfection so that you can do your brush strokes without any bumps or blemishes to ruin it. Play around with the colors and see these blank-looking Russian dolls come to life. Once done, be proud of your creation and put them on a display cabinet or perhaps give it as a present to someone special. This set of blank nesting dolls can also be a perfect give for anybody who's above 5 years old.

And since these cute Matryoshka dolls have varying sizes, one doll can be placed inside the other. Alternatively, you can also use these as storage for small trinkets or accessories. The "mother" doll or the largest doll measures 5.91 inches in height with a diameter of 2.76 inches, the next one down measure 4.33 by 2.17 inches, then 3.15 by 1.70 inches, 2.48 by 1.18 inches, 1.57 inches by 0.87 inch and the smallest doll or the "seed" has dimensions of 1.10 inches by 0.55 inch.

Turn your dull extra moments into something useful and creative! Buy this set now and discover the hidden "Van Gogh" within you!

Color Light Brown
Materials Wood
Recommended for 5 years old and above
Dimensions in inches 5.91 inches x 2.76 inches
4.33 inches x 2.17 inches
3.15 inches x 1.70 inches
2.48 inches x 1.18 inches
1.57 inches x 0.87 inch
1.10 inches x 0.55 inch
Design and Style Blank


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