Russian Nesting Dolls

Russian Nesting Dolls

Add a little touch of Russian culture to your home or workspace with these Russian Nesting Dolls! These souvenirs from Russia were first created by esteemed Russian artist in the 1900s. The methods used in making these majestic dolls have been passed onto generations-to-generations. Thus, many craftsmen are still making these dollies up until today.

Our Russian nested dolls are made from premium wood. This material was carefully handpicked by experts and aired out for a year or two before they shaped it into round or barrel forms. Then, each newly molded wood is coated with starch-like glue to keep the set child-friendly. Not only that; our Russian stacking dolls boast vibrant colors and stunning designs that will capture anyone's heart. These layouts and patterns are intricately handpainted by skilled artists. They also applied some lacquer to keep the dolls' lustrous look.

Our Russian dolls come in a variety of shapes and numbers of pieces for each set. Some have five dollies while others have 7 per each set. Some even have ten pieces! Regardless of the number of stackable dolls per set, you have to know whether or not the set you are about to get is suitable for your kid's age.

Our nesting dolls have many uses, aside from being a home or office ornament. These souvenirs that started in Eastern Europe are ideal containers for your belongings. You can put your pens, pencils, rulers, and even hard-to-find items like paperclips and pins in each doll.

You can use them as jewelry boxes, too! You may place your long necklaces in the bigger-sized dolls, charm bracelets in the medium-sized figurines, and eye-catching rings and earrings in the smaller-sized statuettes.
If you don't have enough containers for your sweet treats, you can use these Russian stacking dolls as alternatives to glass cookie and candy jars. They are less likely to break since wood is more durable than glass.

But the best way to enjoy these Russian nesting dolls is to use them as toys for kids. Play a game with your little ones and have fun opening each dolly until you get the last piece. It surely is a unique way to bond with your loved ones. Alternatively, you can use these toys as learning tools. Since each Russian doll set is intricately handpainted with vibrant colors and stunning patterns, you can use these designs to help your child identify different shades, shapes, animals, and objects.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of these beauties. First, you have to place the dolls away from edges, especially the smaller ones. Not only will it keep the figurines from falling off, but it will prevent you from losing the smaller statuettes. Lastly, you have to clean them using a piece of cloth. That would be enough to remove the dirt and dust from the figurines.

Now that we have given you these pieces of information, there's one thing left for you to do: get a set from this large-scale collection of Russian nesting dolls!