Pink Nesting Dolls

Pink Nesting Dolls

Party up your place with a dash of pink when you buy a set from our Pink Nesting Dolls collection!

Pink is the color for little girls. It is the color of love and symbolizes friendship, harmony, and affection. These values translate well into the very design of Russian nesting dolls. The dolls have been a symbol of maternity and family. A puff of pink will definitely add a Russian glow into your posh place. You will certainly love how these dolls will bring a delightful feeling to your home. The pink dolls will surely add a splendid feel to your home!

Our Pink Nesting Dolls collection features a mixture of exquisitely painted dolls. Each set in the collection has a pulp of pink. Whether it's a combination of pink and white, pink and gold, or pink and red, you can find a set just for you. Even the smallest splash can add life to your home. You can choose from different sets with 5 to 10 dolls. The collection includes various pink families. You can even choose the whimsical fairies!

The pretty pieces of our Pink Nesting Dolls collection go through a process much like making cotton candy. At first, experts will pick from woods which originate from either lime, birch, and aspen. Each one will go through a filtering process to find that little matrona material. This determines which one can become the pink protectors in your house. After sorting, expert craftsmen carve and shape them into their motherly figures. Once they have completely changed, painters grant them pink hues of life. Every touch is essential to bring forth its Olympian presence!

After the thorough process, our Pink Nesting Dolls collection can let you enjoy a perfect time. In order to keep the dolls from chipping off, each one has a full coat of starch-like glue. This serves both as a protectant and as a primer. It also turns the dolls nontoxic making them safe for children to play. It becomes safe rosy ornaments for everyone!

Like pink flowers, the exquisite pieces of our Pink Nesting Dolls collection are more than just eye candy. You can place your prized possessions in these little pink dolls. You can keep your jewelry, keys, and trinkets! You can also use them for your children's primary education. You can educate them about numbers, words, and storytelling. You will have a pink perfection!

Keeping every doll from our Pink Nesting Dolls collection in prime condition is essential and easy. As an ornament, you have to make sure it's placed away from the edges. In this manner, it won't topple over and hit anyone. You also need to keep them away from extreme temperature. This can damage the wood. When you want to keep them for a while, you can dust them off with a soft, dry towel. Afterward, you can wrap them in a soft cloth. These tips can help you take care of these precious pieces!

Add more passion to your place with your very own set from our Pink Nesting Dolls collection!