Patterned Nesting Dolls

Patterned Nesting Dolls

Our day to day routine in the office can be quite tedious and stressful, but do you know that by merely looking at these beautifully patterned ornaments, you'll feel more relaxed and serene? It has been said that patterned prints or designs can provide a soothing feeling, and as a result, it can alleviate stress and relieve the pressure! Take a peek at our patterned nesting dolls collection and pick one that will help you feel more relaxed and will make your room look stunning too!

Nesting dolls are quite popular as novelty or souvenir items, but they can actually do better than just brightening up a dull, boring room. These Matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian nesting dolls or stacking dolls, are hand-crafted and artistically hand-painted. And since these are carefully hand-made, no doll is exactly the same, hence, each doll from our collection is unique. The outermost doll or the largest doll is called the "mother", traditionally it resembles a woman, dressed in a Sarafan, a long and shapeless traditional Russian peasant jumper dress. The smallest in the set is called the "seed".

The set is normally made of painted wooden dolls of decreasing sizes, one hidden and nested inside another. It may consist of five, seven, or ten dolls. These nesting doll sets found in our collection are made of premium-quality wood, painstakingly carved and crafted to have a smooth and flawless surface. For this collection, the dolls were garnished with different colorful patterns to make them prettier and more pleasing on the eyes.

Floral patterns, butterfly, Christmas-themed patterns, and many more, we have a wide range of designs to choose from, there sure is a set that will look perfect on your wall or display cabinet. You can even use these dolls to store small trinkets or objects, such as keys or clips, that is if you will display these unstacked. You can show these off with each dolls standing separately and place them on top of a wall-mounted shelf, a glass display cabinet or on a side table. Since these are made of wood, you don't have to worry accidentally breaking them. Keeping them clean and pristine is also very easy, dust it off with a feather duster or simply wipe them with a clean, dry cloth.

Your eyes can easily get tired because of constant contact with screens, such as television, computer or laptop monitor, and even on your smartphone. By simply looking at these dolls and by slowly moving your eyes, following the whimsical and vivid patterns painted on them, you'll feel a refreshing and relaxing feeling, getting you ready towards a set of challenges the day has in store for you. You might even get unsolicited compliments from your clients or visitors when they see these pretty smiling faces greeting them as they enter your office or living room. Bringing out an atmosphere of positivity in the room.

Get a set of pretty Russian dolls from our patterned nesting dolls collection and let these dolls' fancy and captivating patterns accentuate your plain wall!