Panda Nesting Dolls

Panda Nesting Dolls

Pandas are on lockdown and need to be protected to prevent extinction. Who would want those and black and white balls of fluff to disappear? The sad news is you can't own a panda, but the good news is that you can get something that looks like a panda. Something like our sets of Panda Nesting Dolls! This collection features the one and only lovable Asian animal in your favorite Russian toy. How's that for the unity of different cultures? Not only do these sets spark the love for furry animals in your heart, but they also provide hours of fun and group activity!

Our matryoshka dolls are made from the finest white wood from lime, aspen, and birch. Each wood piece goes through a strict process of quality checking before they are built into the beloved nesting dolls. This is to ensure that every purchase can last for generations and can withstand multiple uses. Any sign of rotting in the wood automatically disqualifies the piece as only the perfect and flawless pieces can get through. After the initial test, the pieces will then be transferred to the carving room where the first stage of the magic happens.

Looking at each piece in every set, it would be almost impossible to believe that they are all carved by hand. Wherein, in fact, it's true! All of our Russian nesting dolls are shaped and smoothened by master woodworkers. Each doll is precisely shaped without using any measurement tools or modern machinery. This is where they get their usual egg or bowling pin form. This is also where it's decided on how many dolls there should be in each set. The set quantities vary from five pieces to ten. Of course, they all follow the classic descending size order pattern. All this is done effortlessly by feel and experience.

Once they have the classic matryoshka shape, it's time to bring them to life and give them some color. Similar to the carving process, painting the dolls into adorable panda designs are also done by hand. With meticulous workmanship, it would seem that it's been done by a machine. All sets here embody the classic black and white tones of a panda, some may look different than the other; holding a bamboo or just hugging its own adorable self. We also have a set that has variety by using the panda as its main biggest doll, and the smaller ones are of different jungle animals.

Our panda nesting dolls are a pure delight to anyone of any age. They can be displayed stacked in each other and let your visitors unravel each one, or they can also be unstacked and be used as storage containers. Besides that, your little ones can also benefit from our panda dolls as they play and learn at the same time! Your child will learn about colors, numbers, patterns, and develop hand-eye coordination and other psychomotor skills. Who would've thought that a simple wooden set can do so much?