Orange Nesting Dolls

Orange Nesting Dolls

Always be in the mood for happiness and fun! They say that orange has the combined energy of red and the happiness of yellow. So light up your room with these dolls from our orange nesting dolls collection! Browse through the illuminating sets of dolls we have selected for you!

More than just mere souvenir items from Russia, these Matryoshka dolls, also called as nesting or stacking dolls, can actually help bring out a sense of creativity and stimulation in the room. Though originally sold as souvenir items, you can now own a set of these adorable dolls without even going to Russia, all thanks to today's modern technology and online shopping. These dolls are made of high-quality wood which was carved into hollow oval-shaped dolls, carefully polished to get that smooth and impeccable surface.

What's magnificent about these dolls is that they can be stacked or nested together with all dolls fitting inside the tallest doll or the "mother". The tiniest doll, or as others call "the seed", will fit in the bigger doll next to its size, and so on until all of them are inside the "mother". Time and devotion were spent in meticulously hand-painting each of these dolls, which even makes then more special because each of them is unique and no two-dolls will look exactly like the other.

Orange is said to be the color of enthusiasm, fascination, and encouragement, so if you want those positive vibes to illuminate your house or your working space, then getting these orange Matryoshka dolls from our collection is a perfect choice! Each set may contain 5 dolls, some six and even 10 dolls per set. In our orange nesting dolls collection, we also have lots of variations to choose from - traditional to animal or pet themes, and a lot more, they just have one thing in common, they're all orange! Uplift your spirit and always be in the mood to be creative by surrounding yourself with these happy faces in their vivid and radiant orange themes.

Figuratively, Matryoshka dolls also represent our lives, because we are like a big doll with other dolls inside. These smaller dolls represent our stories, relationships, and experiences. The "seed" represents our soul, which is innocent and reflects the real essence of ourselves. Undoubtedly, their smiles are also very contagious, your guests or clients will surely feel welcomed, and you can look forward to a pleasant and productive conversation.

Display them in a row, in ascending or descending order, standing next to each other. If you want to, you can even keep your keys, USB drive, spare clips or pins and other small accessories inside these dolls. Keep them as pretty as new, simply dust them off with a feather duster or wipe them with a dry cloth. Avoid displaying them in areas where there's a constant change of humidity or temperature, such as places near windows or heaters.

Say goodbye to the dull and mundane atmosphere dominating your house or office, with these Russian dolls from our orange nesting dolls collection, it's bound to get lit! So go ahead and get your set now!