Modern Nesting Dolls

Modern Nesting Dolls

Bring a new flame to your place with a set from our Modern Nesting Dolls collection!

Ever since its introduction in Paris, the Russian nesting dolls have spread throughout the globe and taken different forms. They have become even more of a novelty than they already are. From the various families of the animal kingdom and different magical creatures, you can find many different nesting dolls nowadays. Even though they have added a modern twist to the classic dolls, the main concept of family and life remains.

Our Modern Nesting Dolls collection features a vast assortment of uniquely painted dolls of different designs. Each set in the collection will transport you into a different visual space. Varying colors will bring life to your place. It's all sorts of modern flares with this collection. You will find dogs, cats, fairies, and even Santa Claus! There are all sorts of fun characters for everyone!

The wacky pieces of our Modern Nesting Dolls collection undergo several processes to make sure they're in tiptop shape. Initially, experts will find the best woods from trees, usually from lime, birch, or aspen. They will then sort out and find the ones with that modern matryoshka feel. Once filtered, expert craftsmen will lathe and shape them into their amazing figures. After their transformation, painters will bring them to life with a splash of different colors. Each part of these processes goes together to give you a wonderful creation!

After the delicate procedures, our Modern Nesting Dolls collection can give color to your life for a long time. To make sure of this, the dolls have a coat of starch-like glue. This acts both as a protectant and as a primer. It can make your dolls nontoxic and safe for your children. Thus making them even friendlier characters!

The varying pieces of our Modern Nesting Dolls collection are more than just sights to behold. You can turn them into protectors of your most valued treasures. You can place your keys, trinkets, and gems inside them! You can also use them as a way to teach your children. These dolls can help you teach them about numbers, words, and storytelling. These wonderful creatures can give you a whole experience!

It's essential and simple for you to keep the set from our Modern Nesting Dolls collection in good condition. As a table decoration, you have to make sure the dolls are away from the edge of the table. This will prevent them from tipping over and hitting anyone. You also need to keep them away from high and low temperature. This may wear out the wood. If you want to store them for a while, you can dust them off with a soft towel. After wiping off, you can wrap them in a soft piece of cloth and put in a dry place. This will keep the magic alive!

Turn your place into a brand new world with your very own set from our Modern Nesting Dolls collection!