Green Nesting Dolls

Green Nesting Dolls

In general, the color green symbolizes nature and wealth. As the primary color for the majority of trees and plants, green can be considered as a refreshing and detoxifying color as it can both provide warmth and coolness at the same time. That being said, if you want to add a calm and relaxing color both in your home and in your life, look no further as we have our Green Nesting Dolls for this.

These Russian nesting dolls, or as they are better known as matryoshka dolls, came from a quaint little town in Russia. They were created by a skilled woodworker and a master painter in a workshop for children's toys. The first set of nesting dolls got its design inspiration from the "then current village life", focused on children and their household chores. Matryoshka dolls symbolize the order of the family, matriarchy, and the secure protection of a mother for her children.

Our collection of green nesting dolls feature two important points: the traditional design and form of the matryoshka dolls, and the nurturing hue of the color green. All of the dolls in this collection stay true to their roots as they maintain their classical but still intricate, colorful patterns and illustrations. You might see one or two sets that have a touch of modern life to them, but one thing's for sure, every set in this group is as green as a precious emerald and luscious trees!

These green nesting dolls are made from the finest quality of limewood or wood from birch or aspen trees. Wood from these trees are the most used materials for the dolls as they are sturdy but lightweight. Each piece of the trunk goes through a thorough process of picking out the whitest supple of the husk, with no imperfections whatsoever, to make sure that every doll is flawless and perfect.

With the rotten pieces eliminated, the remaining chosen ones get carved to your favorite wooden cultural toys. All the pieces are hand carved with such precision by skilled wood carvers until they complete a whole set, which can vary from five pieces to as much as fifteen pieces! They are then sanded for that smooth finish, and coated with a protective starch to prevent the paint from absorbing the wood.

The final step is the coloring of the dolls with those different green shades that people will literally live for. Like the carving process, painting the dolls are also done by hand. The patterns, strokes, and minuscule details are so alike and proportionate that you would think the work has been done by a machine. When the paint has dried out, the designs and colors are protected with another coating of a kind of varnish, this gives the dolls their shiny luster and glossy finish.

With no chemicals and machinery involved in the making of these green nesting dolls, you can rest easy knowing that no toxic elements have been used to create them, making them safe to use and play with for children three years and up. Our matryoshka dolls are not only used for playthings, but they can also be flaunted as decorations to brighten up almost any room in the house!