Authentic Nesting Dolls

Authentic Nesting Dolls

Bring an authentic piece of Russia to your place from our Authentic Nesting Dolls collection!

Authenticity holds the tradition and customs of the country. Russia introduced nesting dolls to the world, and it became the representation of the feminine aspect of their culture. It came to symbolize motherhood and fertility. Ever since its global debut, many countries have become fascinated by its variety and mystery. However, no matter what country it goes to, it's highlight will always be the mother, the light of the household. With our Authentic Nesting Dolls collection, you can brighten up your home even more with that true touch.

Our Authentic Nesting Dolls collection features different sets of classically painted matryoshka dolls. With all sorts of tsvet (colors), you can choose from red, blue, gold, and even multi-colored dolls. You can pick a set or more from a variety of the classic family dolls. Each one of these sets come in different shapes and numbers. Whether you want as few as 5 or as many as 6 dolls, you can get it here. You can get a visual trip to Russia with this collection!

Each set from our Authentic Nesting Dolls collection undergoes an intricate procedure to make sure that you get the finest dolls. At first, the woods are carefully handpicked to find which ones have the matryoshka material. Woods come from trees like limewood, birch, and aspen. Once filtered, professional craftsmen polish and carve out the wood to their motherly shape. Once they've found their form, painters carefully hand paint each one. Every set gets a touch of authentic love!

With our Authentic Nesting Dolls collection molded by delicate hands, you can definitely cherish each piece for years! To make sure that the dolls don't absorb the paint or chip off, the professionals coat them with a starch-like glue. This serves as both a primer and a protectant. Moreover, it makes the pieces non-toxic and safe for children. You don't have to worry about your kids playing with these dolls!

The set pieces from our Authentic Nesting Dolls collection are not just majestic ornaments nor magical toys. They can be more than that! They can serve as your trusty treasure trove. You can keep your keys and jewelry inside the dolls. Moreover, they're also great with kids! You can use the dolls to teach the kids about mathematics, vocabulary, and storytelling. It's all an amazing adventure for everyone!

Preserving that genuine feeling in each set from our Authentic Nesting Dolls collection is essential and quite simple. If you're putting them up for display, you can keep them off the edge to prevent them from falling or hitting anyone. You also need to remember not to place them in places of fluctuating temperature, or it may damage the wood. When you want to store them, you can dust them off and wrap them around a soft towel. These are simple steps to keep that authentic shine!

Grab your very own fine Russia from our Authentic Nesting Dolls collection!