15 Piece Nesting Dolls

15 Piece Nesting Dolls

Fun fact: Did you know that the largest matryoshka set ever made has 51 dolls in total? This was all hand-painted by a Russian woman named Youlia Bereznitskaia. The tallest doll in the set measures almost two feet, while the smallest doll is only a mere 0.10 inch!

Now you might be wondering: how many pieces should there be in a set of Russian nesting dolls? The usual set contains five to six dolls in total. However, there have been sets emerging, which includes ten or more. We can bump that up to a notch by providing you with the most number of dolls we have in our store, and we've compiled them all in a single collection that's already up for grabs!

Our 15 Piece Nesting Dolls collection features sets that defy the norm and are out of the box. Each piece is masterfully carved and painted to match with the natural village life, animals, or the modern people. From the smallest to largest, the dolls are made from mostly limewood, birch, or aspen. Each piece of wood is carefully examined to ensure that only high-quality material will do. After the initial process of choosing the right wood for the dolls, they are then individually carved by hand and made sure that each half fits perfectly to its partnering half.

After shaping them to the familiar structure, they are now ready to be painted. But first, these pieces have to be coated with a special paste that's made from starch to prevent the paint from getting absorbed by the wood. The starch also ensures that everything is non-toxic and safe to play with children who are three years and up. All of the designs are carefully and expertly painted by hand, the scales and design are so proportionate and exact that you might think it was painted by a machine.

Why you should purchase a set from this collection is simple: for that endless fun as the dolls just keep on coming! Most people are satisfied with only five or six dolls in one set, but if you're not one of them and want bigger things, why not go all the way and purchase one with more dolls in it?

Our collection of 15 piece nesting dolls feature different designs with colorful patterns with fun shapes and, of course, various sizes. Be amazed and surprised at the same time as you stack and unstack 15 dolls into one, and line them up to really appreciate the number. These sets are perfect for big families that depict the number of people in their household, or if you just want more dolls in your collection. The dolls are perfect for display at any room inside the house to instantly bump up the interior decor. You can also introduce this to your child and watch as they play and learn about numbers, colors, patterns, as well as improve their hand-eye coordination and other psychomotor skills.

There's no doubt that the quote "the more, the merrier" fits in well with this collection. Browse into this treasure trove of Russian culture, but don't blame us if you get lost with almost an infinite number of toys right in front of you!